WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance.


About Us

Made for you.

Taste The Difference

With founded Simba Stix with one vision in mind; to provide a premium nicotine alternative for adult users. We built this brand based on quality, compliance, facts, responsibility, and family. We for many years had been involved in the industry, and finally decided that a major change needed to be made. As personal users of Simba Stix, we can comfortably say we are bringing value, quality, and style for a satisfying experience down to the last puff.

Our Vision

We do not want fame or fortune. All we ask is for each user to have an immersive experience with our brand. Our belief is if we focus on the end-users everything will fall into place. Change never came easy, but it is a must.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been customer satisfaction. Offering a breath of fresh air in the industry and always keeping you in mind. Never cutting corners for profit, and never providing you less than you deserve.

Setting A Standard

National Compliance

Each product we create is made with passion and care. We observe state and federal regulations in accordance with GMP guidelines in the vapor industry. With these building blocks in place from production, testing, and innovation we certainly can’t go wrong.

You Are Like Family

Everyone we encounter is treated like family. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. We believe in great communication, and unparalleled service to achieve your trust. Everyone is always welcome to the Simba Stix Family. Join us today!

Quality and Responsibility

We take ultimate pride in our high-quality and stylish products. No one goes without and always keep in mind one thing…everyone wins. We take our verification process to the next level. It is our responsibility to make sure our products are for adult use only.

Getting the Facts Straight.

Our biggest achievement is the community that we are a part of. Our commitment is to make sure adult smokers are our intended audience. Everything is taken into account from marketing, packaging, and information. We continuously work to keep our integrity intact.